Meet The Artists

NaaShika Tetteh-Lartey

NaaShika is currently living in Byron Bay, Australia. She is a resilient artist and she loves to paint. She had previously studied painting at Camberwell School of Art in London but left in a bid to take a break from city life and truly connect with her creative side. She describes her style as detailed and direct. Her subject is often inspired by the female form or her next favourite thing, dragons. She likes to merge soft imagery with harsh imagery to provoke the viewer in some way. She wants to promote the message of inner strength in her work. She is in the midst of starting up her own streetwear clothing line 'Dragon Mami' using her drawings to create patch work and screen print designs. She designed the Modern Cherub pin and you can support her work on Instagram at: @shika,artist

Rachel Berman

Rachel Berman is a 23 year old Swiss-American artist, currently studying Illustration at the University of Edinburgh. Her personal styles revolve around political satire and caricature and generally carry an implicit message. Growing up, she was greatly influenced by 'The Simpsons' and 'Mad Magazine'. Now she is trying her hand at pin-making! While this represents a shift towards the more material and inanimate, you may still notice a strong signature caricatural and emotive element to her works. She designed the Believe In Yourself, Be Kind and Say Yes More Spontaneously pins. You can support her work on Facebook (Rachel Berman), Instagram (@ragoblue) and her website:

Bonamy Tetteh-Lartey

Bonamy is NaaShika's sister and is based just outside of Edinburgh, Scotland. Her works are detailed and are often in black and white, however, this enamel pin is a break in tradition with a burst of pastel colours! She has a passion for art and music  and you can support her work on Instagram at: @bonamyemma. Photo from Ivor Wedding Photography