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Murron Goodall



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We are back with a new and improved range of pins created, as always, by very talented local artists!

Who Designed The Pin?
This pin was designed by the Edinburgh-based artist Murron Goodall!

What Makes The Pin Premium?
This pin is a part of our second wave of designs we’ve had manufactured and we decided to go for a more premium finish this time round. This means the pins are hard enamel - the top is completely smooth and shiny, rather than bumpy, making the design stand out more. We also went for black plated metal instead of gold as it makes the pins look higher-end and also makes the designs a lot more visible.

What Is ILovePins?
ILovePins is an Edinburgh-based pin company run by student and entrepreneur Adam Mendey. We exclusively sell products designed by talented, up-and-coming local artists. In return for their efforts, we give them 50% of all the profits we make including through our network of stockists and online sales.

I Have Questions!
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Vintage item

Materials: Metal, Enamel
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