Highland Coo - 3D Printed and Hand Painted

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Our very first 3d printed, hand painted pin!

This pin was designed by me this time (Adam Mendey) and is a minimalist black and white Highland Coo design!

This pin was 3d printed in Scotland by me using a type of 'plastic' called PLA which is oil free and usually made from sugarcane or a bi-product of corn production. The colour of the PLA used in this case is white and the pin is painted in matt black enamel paint!

Once they've come off the printer, the pins are sanded, sprayed with a primer, then hand painted by me. This does mean that the pins aren't perfect, but also means that each one is unique!

I also decided to go for the slightly more premium rubber pin backs for these as they last longer and are generally preferred by people (myself included!)

At the moment, I've only made 11 available to see how things go as this is a bit of an ongoing experiment but I'd love to know what you think! And if you have any questions, feedback etc, just shoot me a message on Instagram ( or email me at